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All of us fall short in terms of motivation and inspiration at some point, and that’s where other people’s stories come in. If you’re feeling a little uninspired, take a look at these three highly inspirational runners […]

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To help you stay focused and motivated, we’ve compiled several short and funny inspirational workout quotes that will keep you going when you’re feeling down […]

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Below we offer information on the seven best trail runs around the country. Whether you are on vacation near one of these great trail runs or it happens to be just around the corner, these trail runs will offer you a run of a lifetime […]

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Mostly people prefer runways or parks as the best place for running. But in my view, running on the beach can provide you with many health benefits than the pavements or grassy parks […]

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If you want to get the utmost from your running activities and fully benefit from it, you should run early in the morning. Having morning runs you will realize that you are different from the rest, moreover, you will see the beauty of getting up in the pre-dawn hours while everybody else is still asleep […]

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Two million years ago, the human has started hunting animals for food without weapons. Despite the fact that human beings are the biggest sissies in the jungle, any other animals could be stronger than us. Have you wondered why ?[…]

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