Family Bonding and Keeping Fit Through Sports

photo by Umberto Rotundo

Why is tennis the perfect family sport? Two-time US Open champion Tracy Austin, writing for the United States Tennis Association, believes it is because “a 10-year-old boy can be on the court with his 80-year-old-grandmother and they can both have a great time together.”

Unlike most sports, tennis can be played, both for fun and competitively, by all ages. If you go down to your local courts, chances are you will see the older generation passing on their wisdom to the younger generations.

Tennis allows people of significantly different ages to play because there is not a required standard. All you need is a partner of around the same ability to have a good time. It is also an easy sport to play, not in terms of playing the game well, but from a convenience point of view.

Basha Tennis writes that a typical game can be played for as long as you desire and is great for busy families, as they can get a good cardio workout in a limited amount of time.

In more ways, playing tennis can be compared to running, especially when it comes to the cardiovascular advantages and the quality time spent. The amount of courts available compared to other sports is also a factor. A park may have one football pitch, but it will likely have more than one tennis court – or running track – meaning that families don’t have to travel far to play.

Tennis has many health benefits for both adults and children. Aside from pairing teaching pros and students in the Chicago area, Play Your Court features various articles that talk about the sport on a whole.

In a published piece by Jess Goulart, there are 10 development advantages of tennis for kids. The site states that the sport helps children develop their immune system. In addition, it is hugely beneficial for their motor coordination skills, as well as their fitness and stamina.

Speaking of wellness and endurance, adults will also find that playing tennis can protect them from the risk of various heart diseases and ailments. During the average match, an adult will run the equivalent of 3-5 miles and make 300-500 bursts of energy.

Tennis is a great way to make exercising not feel like a chore and it is also a lot cheaper than a yearlong gym membership. In more ways, the racket sport and running in general go hand in hand in terms of providing a great cardio workout.

Avid tennis players gain a lot from putting in the roadwork during cross training sessions, and vice versa. As a matter of fact, former world number one female player, Caroline Wozniacki has once ran in the highly coveted New York City Marathon.

Ruth Fierberg, writing for, recommends families use tennis as a way to bond. She interviewed former world number four James Blake, who told her, “I really cherished the ability to have quality time with my family. That can’t be substituted for.”

Indeed, tennis is a great way to encourage families to spend more time together. Like Tracy Austin, Rachel Fierberg also believes that the sport’s strongest asset is that all ages can play it and play it together.

If you used to play sports when you were a child or have a family and are looking for a fun way to keep fit and bond, then tennis is the ideal activity. Mix that in with running, and you will not only have a total body workout, but also another fun activity the family can enjoy.

In hindsight, you don’t have to be a world champion to appreciate the sport. All you need are rackets, balls, and most importantly, the will to spend some quality time with the people you love.