60 Short and Funny Inspirational Workout Quotes to Live By (Images)

If you have a regular workout routine, chances are you’ve experienced dips and spikes in your motivation.

Whether you’re an avid runner, serious lifter, or something else, there are some days when you can’t wait to get out of the house and do your thing, and other days when you struggle to get out of bed and would rather do anything but exercise.

This is normal and happens to everyone. What’s important is that you get back on track as soon as possible so you don’t lose your momentum, because once you do, it can be difficult to start over again.

To help you stay focused and motivated, we’ve compiled several short and funny inspirational workout quotes that will keep you going when you’re feeling down.

As you will see below, the quotes are on images and memes. Save the ones that resonate with you on your phone so you always have them with you. Set your favorite as your desktop wallpaper so you see it all the time.

You can also print out these quotes and place them in your day planner or vision board. This way, you’re constantly reminded of your fitness goals and can get a much-needed boost of motivation when it’s running low.

Remember, words have power and energy—they can either lift you up or drag you down. We prefer the former and we’re sure you do, too. So let these 60 inspirational fitness quotes guide you to becoming your best self.

60 Short and Funny Inspirational Workout Quotes

A little exercise is better than none at all. Keep doing what you can.

Let’s see some beast mode squats!

Nothing changes if you don’t get off your butt.

Complaining never did anybody any good. No whiners allowed here!

Be someone you can be proud of!

And turning heads everywhere. You’ll get used to it.

So do it today. Like, right now.

Don’t forget to post it on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, too.

You’ve already decided to put yourself through pain, at least get a six-pack out of it.

How low can you squat? How high can you reach?

Just think of how good you’ll look in a swimsuit. Now go do those planks.

Let’s see some beast mode squats!

This is the point where losers quit and winners push on.

You’ll go further in life with a positive mental attitude.

Rest in peace, fat. Let’s have a moment of silence, please.

What’s it like in the future, Australia?

Do the work today and be better, faster, stronger tomorrow.

Self-care for the win! Do it for yourself and nobody else.

Kim K would definitely agree.

Remember, you are here on this planet for a reason.

Your decision today determines how you feel tomorrow. What will you choose today?

Getting knocked down merely lets you see the world from a different perspective.

As Jim Rohn put it, “Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.”

How will you spend your next minutes, next hours, next months?

Beyond your comfort zone is where you’ll find new opportunities and possibilities.

Don’t be scared of going for your goals. Fail, learn, become better, repeat.

Self-improvement is a lifelong journey. We all have a lot of work to do, and that’s okay.

Hard work pays off. Period.

Live in the now. The present moment is all we have.

Once you’re off the couch and at the gym, working out becomes easy.

Go for that extra rep, have that healthy meal, do it! What will you do for yourself today?

Who says you have to put up with only half a glass? You can totally refill it!

There is no try, only do. So will you do it or not?

Come on, who can resist a delectable piece (or two)?

Other than that, you should only be looking ahead towards your goals.

Get some well-deserved rest, but don’t get sloppy, either.

Success comes to those who work for it!

No matter how stupid they may seem. Your dreams are there for a reason.

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.

You reap what you sow and get back what you put out.

The body is transformable. But as for the face…

Relax, unclench that jaw, and let your authentic self shine through.

Don’t worry, we promise we won’t tell anyone.

Failure is relative. It’s how you look at things that matters.

The struggle is real, but it’s a good kind of struggle.

If making excuses burned calories, a lot of people would be in better shape by now.

Guess which one will help you achieve your goals?

Go big or go home. You can’t really fail when you do your best.

You and only you hold the key to your transformation.

We’re all on our own journey.

Haters gonna hate. Just focus on improving yourself and keep moving forward.

Just go to that happy place and push yourself some more.

We’d rather have sore muscles than weak muscles.

How bad do you want change? Where do you see yourself in the next few months?

Hurry, before it catches on and stops you!

Yes. Set those goals and smash them, one by one.

Go out there and make your dreams happen!

There is no success without failure. Tasty, tasty failure.

Go big or go home. You can’t really fail when you do your best.

What’s there to panic about anyway? Just keep training and you’ll see results.

Did you read all 60 of these short motivational workout quotes? It’s quite a lot, but worth going through at least once. Are you all fired up and ready to work on your fitness goals now?

Which quotes spoke to you? Which ones are your favorites? And were there any that you didn’t like so much? Let us know in the comments section—we love hearing from you, our readers!

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